Monday, March 26, 2012

Why a Family-Oriented Dentist Matters

One question that a lot of young couples never ask themselves when they first realize that they're going to be transitioning from couple to family is "what do we do about dental care?" They've already got a lot going on, and oral health at that age isn't often dire enough to be an everyday concern. But they'll realize one day soon that a family-oriented dentist that can handle both spouses (spice?) as well as the children is an invaluable resource.

First, consider your children. If you choose a young and able dentist, you could potentially be setting up your child with a lasting relationship that will carry them into their adult years. This has several benefits -- not only will your child get to have a dentist that they respect, but also one who knows their oral health inside and out (no pun intended).

Second, consider the benefits of a dentist that is quite well-practiced in the basics. A family-oriented dentist that is accustomed to doing cleaning, fillings, x-rays, and simple extractions can take care of those basic operations more quickly and less expensively than a specialty dentist who spends most of his time working on more complex cases.

Third, consider the impact on your schedule. If you have to arrange for separate appointments for every member of your family at different dentists, you're going to spend a lot of unnecessary time working everyone's schedules around those appointments. Having a single afternoon when everyone can get their teeth taken care of is much more affordable in terms of time.

The Best Reason to Seek Out A Family Dentist
The thing that separates a family-oriented dentist from a run-of-the-mill dentist is a simple change in focus, from the dentistry itself to the people being dentist-ed. If you have a young one or an adult that's afraid to go to the dentist for whatever reason, a family-oriented dentist is the right person to make a beeline for. Family-oriented dentists concentrate on their people skills and on helping people overcome this fear -- and that focus is what makes them perfect for dealing with families of all sizes.

If you've got a frightened child of any age who needs to get in to see a dentist, call Dr. Johnson's office for an appointment today.

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