Tuesday, February 28, 2012

38 Years in Orange County and Giving Strong

For the last thirty-eight years, our office has provided the most cutting-edge proven services available to our clients here in Orange County. Dentistry is a frequently-changing field, and there are always a variety of experimental treatments on the horizon. As a doctor of dental surgery, Dr. Eric Johnson keeps his office up to date about the latest options and is constantly training in ultramodern techniques.

Here's a small sampling of the services we offer today that simply didn't exist when this office opened back in 1975:

* Porcelain Veneers:
beautiful tooth-colored surfaces that simply bond into place right over your natural teeth, veneers are the instant way to a perfect smile no matter how bad your teeth look.

* Invisible Fillings: by using tooth-colored resin rather than toxic mercury or soft silver, you can take care of your cavities without losing any of your mouth's beauty.

* Gum Recontouring: If you have a smile that's just as much gum as it is tooth, you can benefit from gum recontouring. We take your gums and move them upward (or downward as is necessary) to expose more of your natural teeth, making your smile broader-looking and more beautiful.

* Titanium Implants: No more taking out your dentures at night — or having them fall out by accident. With dental-grade titanium bonding your dentures, bridges, or custom crown to your jawbone, they're sure to stay put perfectly.

* Laser Dentistry: The cutting edge of oral hygiene, laser cleaning is thorough, fast, and effective. Gum disease can be fought using laser light and an antimicrobial solution in combination to have you walking out in no time, with no powdery after-feel in your mouth.

Of course, these are only the beginning of the story. Not only does our office have a 38-year legacy of keeping current with dental techniques, but we maintain an ultramodern office and back office as well. From our assertive and knowledgeable financial coordinator who has no problem talking down a hesitant insurance provider to our extraordinarily competent office manager who keeps everything running like buttered silk around the office. Our specialist team keeps up on the latest developments in their fields as well.

Come visit us and we'll be happy to show you what thirty-eight years of constant improvement and advancement can do for a dental office — and for its patients.

Friday, February 24, 2012

38 Years of Community Service: A Dental Dream Team

You might not generally think of community service as a reason to choose one dentist over another — but when you're in the OC, you have to choose between a few different dental offices that all have good reasons to call themselves "the best". None of them are going to be anything less than amazing when it comes to serving you. You won't find many 'fly-by-night' tooth-crackers in Orange County. But that doesn't mean that they're all the same, either.

Take mine, for example. I'm Dr. Eric Johnson, and I'm quite proud to be the latest dentist to work at our office with a thirty-eight year history of service to the OC community and the world abroad as well.

You can find several dentists in the OC that offer amazing resumes. But you'll only find one with my record of service. Whether it's donating thousands of dollars to the San Clemente Boys and Girls club or taking USC dental students to perform pro-bono dentistry for the populations of El Salvadoran villages, I have always prided myself on my connection to my community and my world.

When my wife first saw the world's tallest man, Sultan Kosen, on a television special, she told me unhesitatingly that she felt for the man. His overactive pituitary gland made his body grow uncontrollably and resulted in crippling problems in many parts of his body — including his teeth. I as well as a small group of specialists and labs provided the man with a full-scale surgical and cosmetic smile makeover. He left smiling — and able to properly chew his food; a first for the eight-foot giant of a man.

There are no words to describe the feeling I get when I'm able to help another human being. I have it written on my website, on the walls of my office, and on the inside of my heart: I believe that I exist to help others have a better life. Being the most recent face of a practice with a 38 year legacy of service has given me plenty of opportunities to prove that maxim over and over again.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The 38 Year Difference: Part II

So, the first part of this duet — The 38 Year Difference Part I — started to describe what it's like to have a dental clinic that has decades of customer service experience under it's belt. Our mental tour had just arrived at the high-tech VIP consultation room, where Dr. Eric Johnson was just asking you what we wanted out of your smile. You tell him you're interested in veneers.

As he listens carefully to your answer, Dr. Johnson takes notes, and starts to sketch. He takes measurements of your face, jaw, and teeth. He takes a mold of your teeth, and starts to make adjustments. Within a surprisingly short time, you are presented with a beautiful wax mold of what your new smile will look like. What's more, that same mold is used to apply a temporary veneer to your smile, so you actually see in the mirror exactly what your new smile is going to look like.

That's what real dental service is like — you know, before you ever commit yourself to the chair, what the results will be when you stand up again. Before you return to the reception area, you express a concern to Dr. Johnson — how much is this going to cost? Can you afford it?

Dr. Johnson directs you to the Business Team. They will listen carefully to your concerns. They will work with you to come up with an option that you are comfortable with. You will know what your financial responsibility is before any dental treatment is performed.

Once the financial side is set to go, the Business Team will confirm your next appointment. If you are scheduled to see our dental hygienist, Marlena, she will greet you and take you back for your dental hygiene appointment. When your hygiene appointment is complete then it is a short wait for your veneer appointment and your smile to be as perfect as it can be.

Do you see what 38 years in the business can do for a dental practice? If you think that's impressive, wait until you see what it can do for you.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The 38 Year Difference: Part I

One of the things that separates a truly quality dentist from just another oral surgeon down the street is detail. Not just attention to detail, but even more fundamentally than that, an understanding of the details that form the basics of a dental experience.

For example, when you come in to Dr. Eric Johnson's treatment room, we don't put you in a beat up old pleather chair and come at you with a giant third-degree-interrogation light. We give you a neck pillow. We put on a soothing aromatherapy scent. We give you an iPod equipped with relaxing music and Bose acoustic noise-canceling headphones. And the chair — is real leather.

You're probably imagining what that's like right now — and you should be. We've spent nearly four decades perfecting our routine with the goal of making you look forward to coming to the dentist. That's what we refer to as the '38 year difference' — the effects of a long legacy of deeply attenuated customer service.

Of Course, it doesn't start and stop with the chair, either. Every aspect of our office, from the wide-open and calming reception area to our modern and inviting VIP consultation room, is designed to show you that you are in good hands. Our six person team includes a full time Registered Dental Hygienist, two Registered Dental Assistants, a Financial Coordinator, and an Office Manager, as well as Dr. Johnson himself. Each one is an absolute professional in their field and has performed minor miracles of dentistry and/or administration in their time with us.

So, imagine again: you walk into a beautiful earth-toned reception room. Brightly colored fresh seasonal flowers greet you atop a glass table that marks the centerpiece of several soft, comfortable chairs. Modern art and a flat-screen television hang on the walls, providing no shortage of captivating visuals. Centered in the reception area there is no glass partition which gives you clear access to the Business Team, Stephanie and Tracey.

Stephanie or Tracey will give you details of your appointment. When Dr. Johnson is ready for you one of his Registered Dental Assistants will take you to the VIP consultation room, where he asks you what you want from your smile.

What happens next? Read The 38 Year Difference: Part II next week to find out!