Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Some of the Latest Results in Experimental Dentistry

This is going to be less of a traditional narrative blog post and much more like Harper's Findings: a list of several hopefully-fascinating discoveries from the annals of recent experimental dentistry. Enjoy!
  • Experimenters found no difference in surface whiteness between bleaching with hydrogen peroxide vs. carbamide peroxide, but the latter did a much better job of getting into the dentin beneath the enamel and 'deep bleaching' teeth.
  • A group studying electric vs. manual toothbrushes found that electric toothbrushes were significantly more effective at reducing plaque and gingivitis.
  • A researcher in nanotechnology believes it may be possible to create a fluoride-ion-infused porcelain that will not only cap off a cavity, but prevent further cavities in its area.
  • Swiss researchers are working on an aluminum-garnet laser that can be used to more safely 'drill' holes in patient's jawbones for the purpose of implanting false teeth permanently.
  • A group of scientists is developing a method of cleaning teeth by "sandblasting" them with microscopic glass beads that hit hard enough to knock away bacteria and to smooth out the tooth (making it harder for bacteria to re-attach in the future), but not hard enough to injure the tooth.
  • Much like the gold fronts of the American rap world, dentists in India have started taking requests for 'tooth jewelry' that sits atop the enamel and sparkles whenever you smile.
  • Scientists studying tooth whitening bleaches have found that outside of very rare (<1%) cases, there are no side effects of bleaching that last longer than 2 weeks after the bleach treatment has finished, no matter what bleach or what system you use.
  • Scientists recording people's opinions of their own smiles discovered that tooth discoloration and protruding teeth are the leading causes of 'smile dissatisfaction.
So there you have it; if you're a victim of one of the leading causes of smile dissatisfaction, get a carbamide-based tooth whitening for the 'deep bleaching', and don't worry -- the side effects almost always vanish after a week.

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